Our Story

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Brave Founders is a fun little company located in Portland, Oregon, USA. It’s run by me, Tara Horn, a sometimes fun person who also lives in Portland and likes to make things and learn about people. I’m also a weaver, a partner, and parent to a little human.

A few years ago I left my career in social research and joined a local incubator with big ideas about launching a consultancy and putting my applied anthropology degree to good use. The consultancy didn’t get very far (we don’t need to talk about that), but I did find the joy of product design and a love and admiration for the founders out there who want to make a difference. The founders who are knee-deep in uncertainty, self-doubt, and financial projections but still keep moving forward because they care about their work and know they are building a brighter future - for themselves, their communities, and the world.

I created Brave Founders to help brave founders overcome the crushing uncertainty of startup life and build the kind of uplifting and connected relationships that help us thrive. I believe we can create brighter futures through mutual care and courage to face the hard things, that we can thrive and grow with our startups, and that we can have some fun along the way (as a little treat).