How do you play?

The deck is designed for 2 - 5 players and flexible playtime from 15 - 60 minutes. It includes two options for setting up and drawing cards. In both, you take turns drawing a card and asking the question, then everyone takes a turn answering. The conversation that follows is up to you! 

Why do we need this?

It's an easy and fun way to initiate the conversations and ask important questions you might not think of or know how to ask on your own. We spoke with many experienced cofounders on what they thought was most important, and then combined that with our research on relationship building and resilience to create the best set of cofounder questions out there. 

When should we use this?

It's never too early or too late! Some questions may be more relevant for cofounders who are in the earlier stages of their startup, but many questions in this deck will still be valuable for long established partners. Any of the questions could spark a delightful or surprising insight for cofounders at any stage!