The Brave Founders Deck

A card deck of questions to help cofounders have conversations that matter

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The best cofounder relationships start with clear and honest communication - but how can you be sure you're talking about the things that matter most for growing your business and avoiding problems down the line?

We've got you. We identified the most important topics cofounders need to be talking about to grow a strong relationship and business, and distilled them into one amazing deck of cards. 

The Brave Founders Deck has 44 questions to spark crucial conversations in 7 categories - Success, Failure, Collaboration, Conflict, Money, Joy, and Wildcard - and help you find clarity and alignment with your cofounders. 

With a set of Warmup and Cooldown cards, plus two ways to play, the deck makes it easy to have the fun, challenging, and brave conversations that will help you grow and work better, together. 

More Details

The Brave Founders Deck has 59 cards, including: 

  • 44 question cards in 7 topical categories - Success, Failure, Collaboration, Conflict, Money, Joy, and Wildcard

  • 4 Warmup and 4 Cooldown question cards 

  • 6 informational cards with instructions and tips for use

  • 1 "Done" card to sort completed questions

Designed for 2 - 5 players and flexible playtime from 15 - 60 minutes.

Printed on premium glossy finish cardstock, with a sturdy two-part box 

Outer box dimensions: 4" x 2.9" x 1.13"

Designed in Portland, Oregon, USA, and printed in Shanghai, China.



How do you play?

The deck includes two options for setting up and drawing cards. In both, you take turns drawing a card and asking the question, then everyone takes a turn answering. The conversation that follows is up to you. The deck provides an easy and fun way to initiate the conversations and ask important questions you might not think of or know how to ask on your own.


How many decks do we need?

You only need one deck for you and your cofounder(s) to use together. Order more if each person would like to keep one or if you are using it remotely so you all have a deck to draw questions from.


How many people can play at once?

The deck is easily used with up to five people. More than 5 people might require some creativity but we’re sure it’s possible!


How long does it take?

The deck is designed to be used over a period of time. We recommend a regular weekly session of 30 - 50 minutes to work through a few questions or single topic at a time. It’s meant to build a regular habit of talking. We don’t recommend going through all the questions in one session but we know it’s been done and if that’s your jam we support you (but also recommend going through them again at a slower pace)! It can be good to work through the deck more than once as your answers will likely evolve over time.


At what stage should we be using this?

It's never too early or too late! You may find the questions are most relevant for cofounders who are in the earlier stages of their startup, but many questions in this deck will still be valuable for long established partners or for the cofounder dating stage. 


I’m a solo founder, what about me?

We didn’t forget you! While the deck is designed first for cofounders, almost all the questions are important for solo founders to consider, too. We picked questions that help each founder find clarity around their own needs and values. You can use it as journaling prompts, or to guide discussions with mentors and other founders. We think it’s a great tool for starting important conversations with founder peer groups.


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Your cofounder relationship can make or break your startup. Why not make it great?